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Kelowna Home Insurance

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Kelowna is the largest city in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. It is a smaller city but boasts all the amenities of big city living; it has a rural yet urban feel. Kelowna is surrounded by a range of mountains and pristine lakes and plays host to many visitors each year who come down to explore the miles of beautiful parkland and sandy beaches. The Okanagan is known for its great wines and vineyards and has a growing food scene. The weather in Kelowna is some of the best in Canada, not as cold or humid conditions as other provinces can experience.

Home insurance is not legally required in Canada, especially for those who have paid off their home. But, it is mandatory for those who need to get a mortgage. Since buying a home is one of the biggest investments people make, it's important to consider getting homeowners insurance to protect the place they live, raise a family and keep their belongings. These are all things that a homeowners insurance policy can cover and we can help with that.

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Home Insurance in Kelowna - What You Need to Know

A licensed insurance advisor can offer home insurance in Kelowna.  If you contact the broker channel they can provide you with more than one option, so you can see comparables in price and coverage!

Home insurance in Kelowna provides the protection you need no matter what kind of home you have. When you need to make a claim, home insurance will help you keep peace of mind if anything comes up.

The two types of home insurance are:

  • Broad home insurance: perils like water, lightning, hail, windstorm, fire, smoke, explosion, falling objects, vandalism, theft, and impact to vehicles or aircraft. 
  • Comprehensive home insurance: this is the most comprehensive level of home insurance in Canada. This includes coverage for all perils with broad insurance in addition to unintentional damage and disappearance of home contents. 
Top parks in Kelowna
  1. Mission Creek Regional Park
  2. Ben Lee Park
  3. Kelowna City Park
Top Sites in Kelowna
  1. Big White Ski Resort
  2. Mission Hill Family Estate Winery
  3. Summerhill Pyramid Winery
Top Restaurants in Kelowna
  1. Waterfront Wines Restaurant
  2. Salt & Brick
  3. Bouchons Bistro

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The cost typically depends on a number of factors including the construction of the home, updates to heating, electrical, plumbing, and roofing, chances of water damage, prior claims, and more. It’s best to budget approximately $600-1500 annually for home insurance costs, but again this will vary person to person. 

Factors that influence the cost of home insurance include: the age of the home, the size of the home, the number of residents, the cost of replacement, the internal and exterior construction, the location, as well as the proximity to local services like fire and police stations. 

The cheapest snowmobile insurance provider will depend on every customer’s unique situation. Every company has their own formula, meaning some criteria like driving record or age may weigh more than others. It’s a good idea to compare rates from various insurers with Surex so that licensed insurance advisors can shop the market for you. 

Insurance Carriers will notify the client if the policy is automatically renewing by sending out policy documents usually 30-60 prior to renewal date.

The cheapest home insurance provider depends on how your situation fits into the formula companies create to evaluate policyholders. Comparing quotes with Surex will allow you to get the cheapest price on home insurance. 

You can contact your assigned Surex broker/advisor or contact the insurance company directly. Make sure you have your policy # and details of the claim prepare when you call.

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