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We believe in helping Canadians find the right insurance at the best price, while providing exceptional customer service.
Our Mission Statement

At Surex, our mission is to revolutionize the insurance industry by providing customized insurance solutions, and exceptional service, to our clients through a digital first experience.

We strive to exceed expectations by delivering authentic and personalized experience deliver on customer expectation and embrace the ever changing insurance landscape.

We believe in leveraging technology to streamline processes and create efficiencies for our customers.

Most importantly, we are committed to giving back to our communities by supporting causes that matter to our clients 
and our team.

As a leading online insurance brokerage, we are dedicated to making insurance simple, transparent, and accessible to everyone.

Our Core Values
Be Authentic
Be Authentic

At our core, authenticity guides us, fostering trust with every customer. Sincere, transparent interactions drive meaningful relationships and positive experiences.

Do More with less
Do More with less

We innovate for efficiency, prioritizing customer-centric solutions to deliver exceptional value while conserving resources effectively and sustainably.

Embrace Change
Embrace Change

Change fuels growth. With a focus on customers, we swiftly adapt to deliver innovative solutions, continuously evolving to exceed expectations.

Exceed Expectations
Exceed Expectations

We're driven to surpass expectations at every turn, ensuring every customer experience is exceptional. Going above and beyond is our norm, reflecting our dedication to delighting customers at every opportunity.

One Voice
One Voice

With "One Voice," we ensure unified communication, fostering trust and connection with every customer, regardless of the interaction's point person.

Results Driven
Results Driven

We're relentless in pursuing results, refusing to settle for stagnation. Our success fuels our drive for continuous improvement, ensuring we always push boundaries to better serve you, our valued customers.

Matt and Lance
Our Story

Lance Miller and Matt Alston struck up a friendship as fellow business owners from Magrath, a small town in Southern Alberta. Miller owned a bricks and mortar insurance brokerage and Alston owned a direct marketing company when one day, Miller asked Alston if he would be interested in buying Miller’s father’s insurance brokerage in nearby Raymond, Alberta. In 2005, Miller risked everything to purchase the brokerage in Magrath. The Banking Act was being restructured, and major financial institutions were looking to get into the insurance industry. Miller and Alston wondered why consumers would want to purchase insurance from banks, and surmised that it was because the massive organizations had the tools and resources to provide a good customer experience. They sought to do better by providing an exceptional experience to their customers, as well as other stakeholders.

While the initial plan was to expand the business by acquiring other brick and mortar brokerages, they soon saw the tremendous opportunity to become an online insurance provider, which would allow them to scale the company while still running the business from Magrath. Surex launched its beta site in 2012. The company has been bootstrapped by Miller and Alston, and in the early years, the pair reinvested profit back into the company.
Today, Surex is Canada’s fastest growing online insurance provider!

Founded in Magrath, Alberta
First Beta Site Launched
Award - Startup 50 Canada's Top New Growth Companies
Surex placed 30th on the list
Expanded Operations to Ontario
Award - Growth 500
Canada's fastest growing companies award - placed 22nd overall
Grew to a $100M book size
- Nov 2021 - Strategic Partnership with iA Financial Group
- Award - CMA Marketing
- Surex makes thelist of 5-star brokerages
- Award - CIO Award
- Award - Top Insurance Employers
- Award - IBC Best Insurance Employers Award
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