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Compare and purchase the
best insurance rates
in Canada

Compare and purchase the
best insurance rates
in Canada

Get free & accurate quotes from Canada’s top insurance providers.
In just 10 minutes, start saving hundreds of dollars on average every year.
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Get the best rates from Canada’s top insurance providers

How it works

With Surex, you can compare rates from Canada’s leading insurance providers in a matter of minutes. We help Canadians get the right insurance for their needs at the lowest possible price.

Get A Quote

Get A Quote

In 10 minutes, get a personalized quote from Canada's leading insurance providers.

Meet Your Advisor

Meet Your Advisor

We match you with a Licensed Insurance Advisor who will help you every step of the way.

Purchase Made Easy

Purchase Made Easy

Our online tools are easy to use and 100% transparent. Save time and money with Surex!

Why Surex?


Why Surex?

Big savings

Surex makes it easy to compare, purchase, and save up to 25% on your insurance needs. We shop the market for you, finding you the best rate for the coverage you need.

Multiple accurate accounts

Within minutes, you’ll get up to 10 accurate quotes from Canada’s top-rated insurance companies, so you can find the cheapest rate available to you.

Your own dedicated advisor

We’ll set you up with a dedicated insurance advisor who can walk you through your options, answer your questions, and help you find the right coverage at the best price.

Insurance FAQs

Auto insurance rates are determined by a few things. The rates are determined by how much and how often you drive, your driving record, the state of your vehicle, the type and amount of coverage, and deductibles. Insurance companies in Canada also take into consideration where you’ll be driving this vehicle as well as your demographics like age, marital status, and gender to gage your level of experience. Having a strong credit score will also help you land the best insurance rate you can get. Providers may also look at insurance coverage such as renters’ insurance and homeowners’ insurance in addition to the vehicle type, use, and how many kilometers you drive on an annual basis.

There are four types of home insurance policies that you can choose from:

Standard home insurance: This is also referred to as ‘named perils’ and is relatively basic in what it offers. It financially protects homes and their contents from named risks and perils.

Broad-form home insurance: This is a hybrid form of home insurance that offers aspects of both comprehensive and standard policies. It protects your property from all risks and perils (with exclusions) and your possessions from named perils.

Comprehensive home insurance: This is the most expensive policy, but it provides the most coverage. It financially protects your home and its contents from all risks and perils (with exclusions).

No frills home insurance: This is coverage for properties that don’t meet normal insurance standards. Because of this, very few homeowners in Canada have no-frills home insurance.

At Surex we are here to help you find the best insurance coverage for the best rates. One of the advantages of bundling your insurance policies together is additional savings! 

Here are some of the other advantages offered:

  • Same payment due date for all policies
  • Deal with one insurance provider
  • Have a single deductible (if you have a claim on both your home and car at the same time)
  • If you have a claim on your home and your auto you can deal with one claims adjuster.
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