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Hundreds of scholarship deadlines pass every month without students even knowing or applying for them. We’re pleased to be holding our 2nd annual scholarship once again. This will be a scholarship for
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The Faces of Surex Continued Name: Hailey Finck Title: Accounts Payable Analyst I'm your person responsible for accounts payable administrative functions. Whether it's taking care of invoices,
3 min
Travel insurance is vital even during the time of COVID-19 if you are making any travel plans. There are numerous benefits and securing the best policy for you remains important during this time.
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The Faces of Surex Continued Name: Jason Peterson Title: Insurance Advisor How would you describe your job to your grandma? I'm your insurance guy, just call me if you have an issue with your house or
5 min
The Faces of Surex This is a new series we are doing, as we are always talking about our amazing team, so we thought it would be nice to meet all the faces of Surex! There are many different roles and