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cyber security network background
4 min
Cybersecurity for small businesses Living in the age of the Internet of Things, our information lives online and businesses regularly conduct transactions online. This leaves data at risk of cyber
world globe crystal on glass
3 min
Scholarship Announcement As a growing company Surex is proudly Canadian and wants to encourage more Canadians in their studies, so we launched our own Scholarship program this year and had almost 100
movember image
3 min
Welcome to the month where all your male friends stop showing up clean-shaven and start growing out their Fu Manchu, Hulk Hogan, or Charlie Chaplin. What is Movember? For 30 days, men grow out their
Canadian Federal Election 2019
3 min
Election Day for Canadians! Election Day is here for Canadians, that means an important decision will need to be made. Advanced poll turnout was at an all-time high this year with citizens putting in