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Farm Insurance

Surex works with the top insurance companies to get the best quote for Canada's hardworking farmers. We cannot predict the weather, nor can we give advice on the price of grain. What we can do is provide Canadian farm insurance at a cheap price.

At Surex we love farmers!  Why? Not only are you feeding us but farming is a huge part of the Surex story

You think we may just be saying that but it is true. Our head office is in a small farming community in Southern Alberta. We know just about as well as anyone the amount of work that goes into running a successful farm. Having the right farm Insurance may not always be a top of mind priority but it is an integral aspect.

At Surex we have a number of Insurance advisors who know farms inside and out. Your farm has a ton of moving parts, our advisors will get to know your operation and give advice for what would work best for you.

To get started tell us a little bit about yourself and we will get to work finding a solution for your farm.

Comparing rates from Canada’s leading Farm insurance providers
Pembridge Insurance
Intact Insurance
Wawanesa Insurance
CNS Insurance
Jevco Insurance
RSA Insurance
Questions about farm insurance? We got you covered!

A hobby farm (also called a lifestyle block) is a smallholding or small farm that is maintained without expectation of being a primary source of income.

Farm liability insurance can help protect you and your assets from lawsuits and losses caused by bodily injury and property damage.

A Farm Policy covers the Farm Personal Property (such as farm machinery, grain, livestock, and any farm tools) that you use in your operations. The policy can be customized to cover farm buildings or structures you wish to insure. Always best to speak with an Advisor to see what works for you.

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