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I'm buying a rental property, do I need a new policy or can I add it to my current personal home policy?

With Surex, you’ve always got options!  Your Surex advisor will take all the information for your new purchase and quote it out.  We can add that new location to your current policy, or, if the coverages or pricing works out better somewhere else, we’ll set up a new policy for you.

I'm moving to a new province, can I just change my address on my current policies?

Unfortunately, each province has different rules and regulations for insurance.  You would need to cancel your current policies and start new ones in the new province. However! At Surex, we do that shopping for you! Surex contracts in all provinces in Canada except Quebec, so your current advisor can refer you to a new advisor in the new province and make this part of your move hassle-free!

I have a commuter vehicle and a weekend sports car. My teenager never drives the Sports car. I am the primary driver of both vehicles, and my teenager only drives the commuter. Can I insure them like this?

Unfortunately, no matter the car, if there are equal amounts of vehicles to drivers, each driver must be rated as a primary driver on each car.
2 vehicles and 2 drivers? 2 primary drivers.
2 vehicles and 3 drivers? 2 primary drivers and 1 occasional driver
3 vehicles and 2 drivers?  1 driver will be primary on 2 cars, and the other driver primary on one.

I've purchased a new vehicle, do I need to start a new policy?

Whether you’ve purchased a replacement vehicle or an additional one, your Surex advisor can give you multiple options.  Depending on your vehicle and its insurance requirements, we can either add it to your current policy or create a new separate policy.  Contact your Surex advisor to confirm the best options and pricing.

My teenager has gotten their license, what do I need to do for them to drive my car?

Congratulations! It's always an exciting step in any home when there's a new driver! No matter the licensing level, contact your Surex Advisor as soon as the license is obtained.
G1 or class 7 driver? No extra charge but we do need to note your file.
G2 or Class 5N or 5? An additional premium is added to your policy.
Your Surex advisor will require a copy of the license for each level attained. If your student did driver training as well, we’ll need a copy of the province-issued Driver History Report.

I'm moving within the same province, do I need a new property insurance policy or can my current policy move locations?

The current policy can move locations with you, there is no need to purchase a new one.  Contact your Surex Advisor and they will take all the information for the new location and amend the current policy.  
Currently, a tenants form and you’ve purchased a house? No problem, we can amend the form.  Moving to a new city? No problem, as long as you’re moving within the same province the current policy can remain.

How long will it take for my first insurance payment to be withdrawn?

Each insurance company has different time frames and regulations for processing insurance payments. It is safe to expect your first payment to be within three weeks. However it could take a couple months. Keep your Advisor in the loop so they can help expedite things on your behalf.

What type of payment plans are available to me?

Payment plans will vary, depending on the company that best meets your insurance needs. All companies should have monthly withdrawal as a payment option. Other options may include annual payment, semi-annual payments, and quarterly payments.

How long do I need to be insured with Surex before I can apply for an insurance discount?

Upon joining Surex, you are eligible to be a candidate for insurance discounts. Visit the appropriate section to see the discounts available to you.

How do I get an insurance quote?

1. Enter information - Fill in the online quote form. Once your information is entered, you will be assigned a personal Insurance Advisor. The form takes less than five minutes to complete. Forget a detail? That is fine. The system will allow you to modify your information, at any time.

2. Compare offers - Once your information is complete, our system immediately searches for the cheapest insurance quotes available to you. You will receive up to 10 quotes, from Canada's most renowned insurance providers, to find the cheapest rate available to you. Compare the details and choose the quote that suits you best.

3. Purchase - Once you have compared and made your insurance choice, you can choose to bundle other home or auto insurance you may need. Complete your purchase online - we are the only brokerage in Canada able to facilitate your purchase entirely online - or call your personal Insurance Advisor.


I just purchased a new insurance policy on a monthly payment plan and there is a down payment, what is this for?

Compare it to buying a house. You can pay for it in full, or like most people, you would finance it on a monthly payment plan. To do this you need to make a down payment to cover a minimum % of the cost. Your first withdrawal is the down payment. Most companies ask for 16% to 34%. The remaining amount is then divided into 10 or 11 equal installments that are scheduled on a monthly basis. In some cases, the first payment can be the downpayment and your first monthly installment.

My policy is on a monthly payment plan and doesn't renew until next month, why do I have a withdrawal scheduled for this month?

For your renewal, most insurance companies try to set up 12 installments, so your payments are spread out as much as possible. The first installment is pulled in advance of your renewal date, so if it's missed, there is still time to confirm your intentions for the renewal.

How long does it take to change banking information for monthly payment plans?

Most insurance companies require a minimum of 2 weeks' notice. Please provide Surex with as much advance notice as possible, and always watch for a confirmation email to indicate if the change to the new account could be completed in time for your next withdrawal.
Please send an image of a void cheque or a pre-authorized withdrawal form, that shows the bank account holder's name, transit number, branch number, and institution number to your advisor, or
A permission form may need to be signed, and our office will reach out to you to provide a copy of the form.

Customer Service

How do I contact Surex?

We are available across a variety of platforms, to make your life simpler.

Toll-free phone: 1-855-242-6612




Twitter: @surexinsurance



Surex is web-based. How do I file a claim?

You can file a claim 24/7  - here are all the contacts of the carriers we work with

Also, feel free to email us if you have questions at Always a good idea to give your Advisor a call so they can help guide you in the right direction. 

What are Surex's business hours?

Our brokers are available, by phone Monday through Friday 9 am - 8pm.  We have offices in  Ontario, and Alberta so we should have your time zone covered!

Saturday from 9am - 5pm (Skeleton Staff)

Holidays - 10am - 4pm (Skeleton Staff)

Being an online brokerage you can shop our marketplace 24/7 - we never close.

Your questions are of utmost importance to us, so don't be afraid to leave a message, send an email at, post on our Facebook page.

Where is Surex located?

Our head office is in Magrath, Alberta. Being an online brokerage, we do not have customer service offices. 

Buying Online

Is my information secure?

Yes. We do not sell or distribute information, so you'll never have to worry about getting contacted from third parties. In this sense, we are more secure than many traditional brokerages.

Can I buy my insurance without talking to a person? can get pretty close. Our Licensed Insurance Advisors step in at the very end to ensure you have everything you need, as well as apply any discounts you are entitled to.

How do I cancel my old policy?

Simply, email a signed letter to your former broker/company. Be sure to include your full name, policy number, and the date you wish to cancel. We believe in making things as easy as possible for our customers, so give us a call and we'll help walk you through the process.

What insurance policies can I bundle?

Any combination of vehicles and home insurance can be bundled. Speak with your Advisor to get a quote and find out how easy it is to save money through bundling.

How do I get my pink card?

Once you finish purchasing your insurance policy, you'll have access to your personal account with 'My Surex' 24/7. Here, you can print your pink card, make changes to your policy and double check your price on renewal.

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