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Ontario Business Insurance

Surex is Ontario's commercial Insurance Marketplace™. Having great relationships with Canada's top insurance providers we are able to provide you options for all your business insurance needs.

How we find you the best business insurance

Surex has partnered with the best business insurance carriers in Ontario. Being able to shop your commercial insurance needs among the above providers means you’ll know you’re getting a great, cheap business insurance rate.

Don’t delay. Let your Surex Advisor go to work for you today!  

Comparing rates from Canada's leading Business Insurance Providers
Pembridge Insurance
Intact Insurance
Wawanesa Insurance
CNS Insurance
Jevco Insurance
RSA Insurance
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Commercial insurance rates in Ontario are determined by a few key factors:

  • Type of industry/business - The amount of risk associated with insuring your business is the largest contributor to determining what your commercial insurance rate will be. 

  • Desired coverages - Just as no small business is the same as another, so too are the required coverages to properly insure your business. Typically, most small businesses will require a degree of general liability coverage. More ‘’professional’’ type jobs, such as an accountant or financial advisor will require errors & omissions (E&O) coverage.

  • Geography - Depending on where you live in ON, this can factor into your business insurance rate. Population and geography can impact your rates, depending on the type of business you have. 

The coverage option you’ll wish to include in your business insurance policy will vary, depending on the type of business you’re looking to insure. This is why it’s in your best interest to ensure your Surex Advisor fully understands your business and the potential risks associated with it. Your Personal Assistant will want to find the exact coverages you need to insure your business. This ensures you’re not paying for coverages you don’t need.

Most commercial insurance policies will require general liability coverage. General liability protects your business against claims relating to bodily injury and property damage resulting from your products, services and property.

Errors & omissions coverage can also be required on your commercial insurance policy. E&O covers companies and the employees that work there, against claims regarding the quality of work done or negligent actions.

Your previous history of paying your insurance bills will be influential in whether the insurer you choose to place your business with offers you monthly payment options

However, if you’ve had a history of paying your insurance bills, there’s a far better chance that the monthly payment option will be offered to you!

Partnering with the top commercial insurers in Ontario is how Surex is able to get you cheap commercial insurance rates.

Being able to shop your business insurance policy among the above insurers means you’ll know you’re getting a great, cheap commercial insurance rate.

Once your Surex Advisor has all the info they need regarding your business, it’s now time for them to start working for you. The better your Surex Personal Assistant and our carriers understand your business and the risk associated with it, the better they’ll be able to tailor a commercial insurance policy just for you.

Allow us the opportunity to earn your business through our industry-leading service and cost effective business insurance rates!

It depends on the type and size of business you have. If you run a small residential cleaning company yourself, or do renovations, the type of insurance you’ll need will be very different compared to a business with multiple employees that clean professional offices. Your Surex Advisor will be able to tailor a commercial insurance policy to match the needs of your business


Businesses, even small businesses, will require some degree of general liability and/or E&O coverage. From there, depending on the industry your business is in and the size or your business, you’ll want to learn about other coverage options available to you. This will ensure your small business has the exact coverages and protections you need.

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