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Ontario Home Insurance

We want you to be able to get the cheapest home insurance rate for the coverage you want and need. We want you to have peace of mind that there isn’t a better home insurance rate out there, which is why we’ve partnered with Ontario’s best home insurance carriers.

How we find you the best Home insurance quote in Ontario.

Surex is Ontario’s online home insurance marketplace. Having partnered with the best home insurance providers in Canada’s most populous province is how Surex is able to get multiple, cheap home insurance quotes for Ontarians, in a matter of minutes.

We know shopping for home insurance is pretty far down on your list of priorities. It can be a tedious task. Because of this, Surex has taken out the need for you to spend hours shopping the insurance market. We’ll get you multiple offers, at whatever time you choose. Whether you’re on WiFi or data, all you need is your smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop to see how much money we can save you on your annual home insurance premiums.

Once you’ve started or completed a quote, you’ll be assigned a Surex Advisor, to help find you home insurance discounts and answer any home insurance questions you have. Once you’ve decided on the insurance carrier and policy of your choice, you’ll be able to sign for your home insurance documents online, through e-signature, and have instant access to active proof of insurance.

Take 5 minutes and see for yourself!

Comparing rates from Canada’s leading Home insurance providers
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