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Surex Scholarship Program

We’re proud to announce the first-ever Surex Annual Scholarship Awards. This scholarship is available for Canadian students, and the chosen winner will be awarded a $1,000 grant toward his or her education in Canadian dollars.

2019 Recipient

We understand that schooling is an expensive affair and we acknowledge the fact that it can be burdensome for some students and their families.The sum of costs incurred from tuition fees along with other associated expenses, such as housing, books, and school supplies, can turn into tens of thousands of dollars. To make things a little easier, we are pleased to be offering an annual $1,000. Learn more about how Surex took advantage of Artificial Intelligence here. 

This scholarship is closed for 2019 as the winner has been selected as Chinonso Obeta. See his full essay here

2020 Win a $1000 Scholarship

Choose from the following topics to write a 500-2000 word essay:

-Entrepreneurship: Let us know your business idea and plan to get it started.

-E-commerce: How companies can improve the e-commerce experience for customers?

-Cybersecurity: How can businesses can improve cybersecurity and provide optimal and secure services to customers?

-Voice search: How must companies adapt to consider voice search in their strategy?


2019 Scholarship: Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence is always in the news, a hot topic that crosses different industries and generations. Surex was one of the first insurance brokerages to use AI and really leverage this alongside machine learning. “AI has changed the way society and business function today. Can AI be a tool all business can use to succeed or is there a time and place for this technology??”

Submission deadline:

October 30, 2020


Selection date:

November 15, 2020

Scholarship Details

The application guidelines are as follows:

• Your published piece of content must be received by October 30, 2020.

• Applications should be emailed to in word format

• The applicant should state where they are currently attending or planning to attend school in the body of their submission email.


The student must be:

• A US or Canadian citizen (excluding Quebec residents), permanent resident or other legal standing that allows them to work and study in Canada or the US;

• Accepted into a U.S. or Canada college or university; and

• Enrolled in a U.S. or Canadian undergraduate program, or entering school in an undergraduate or graduate program in the fall of 2020

• Student must provide proof of enrollment for their program

Criteria for evaluation:

Please write a 500-2000 word essay on one of the 3 topics listed above. 

Our scholarship committee will review the essays after the submission date. The winning article will express creativity, well-expressed thoughts, will be clear and concisely written, and will avoid grammatical/spelling errors. 

Out of the pool of applicants, we will choose our winner. All entries will be judged by our content marketing head. The winner of the scholarship will be notified via email on November 15, 2020.

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