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Ontario Auto Insurance

Welcome to Ontario’s online auto insurance marketplace. Working with the best car insurance carriers in ON, Surex gets you up to 10 cheap auto insurance quotes in minutes.

How we find you the best car insurance quotes in ON?

Surex has partnered with the top car insurance carriers in Ontario to get you cheap auto insurance rates. We know price matters to you, which is why our 100% transparent pricing model sorts your auto insurance quotes with the cheapest car insurance quote showing at the top of the page.

As Ontario's online car insurance marketplace, you’re able to get 100% accurate quotes, based on the information provided, at whatever time works best for your schedule. After you complete your online auto insurance quote, your Surex Advisor will contact you to verify your car insurance quotes, answer any questions you have and see if we can find you additional savings through auto insurance discounts.

If you are in Ontario, allow us 5 minutes to earn your business!

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