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Echelon Insurance


Echelon Insurance

Surex represents over 10 of Canada’s top insurance companies, and Echelon Insurance is one of them. When you start a quote with us you will be able to review all the matched carriers at once and you then can select the price and coverage that best suits you.


Echelon Insurance Review

Founded in 1998, Echelon Insurance is driven by the desire to provide outside-of-the-box solutions that meet the needs of Canadian businesses and families. As a leading Specialty insurer, Echelon sees the people they serve in a special way and believe they deserve options as unique as they
are. In 2019, Echelon became a member of the CAA Club Group (CCG) family. Echelon is proud to uphold their mission and commitment to ensuring the safety of Canadians by leveraging specialized underwriting expertise to deliver tailored solutions.

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What separates Echelon Insurance from some of the other insurers in the insurance industry?

Specialized products and underwriting
Echelon’s insurance products are backed by their deep expertise in
specialty markets, individualized approach to underwriting, and
commitment to finding the right solutions.

Personalized service
Echelon works closely with brokers to understand their customers’ specialty
needs and provide tailored solutions that fit. An in-house team of Loss
Prevention specialists and Technical Risk Services experts utilize industry-
pioneering technology to develop risk mitigation strategies and provide
customized recommendations to help commercial business owners
proactively prevent loss.

Sophisticated rating and analysis of Specialty
Rather than a cookie-cutter approach often leveraged by standard insurers,
Echelon takes an individualized, data-driven approach to underwriting in
order to gain a holistic understanding of customers’ needs and provide a sophisticated rating and analysis of specialty.

Products that Echelon Insurance offers in Canada

Echelon Insurance offers the following types of personal and commercial solutions to Canadian policyholders:

  • Personal Automobile insurance
  • Motorhome insurance
  • Travel Trailer insurance
  • Collector Vehicle insurance
  • Commercial Property and Casualty insurance
  • Commercial Automobile insurance


About Echelon Insurance Company


Echelon Headquarters: Mississauga, Ontario

Solutions: Personal Automobile insurance, Commercial Specialty insurance, Commercial Automobile insurance


President of Echelon Insurance: Robin Joshua

Parent Company: CAA Club Group (CCG)

How to submit a claim with Echelon


You can report an insurance claim with Echelon Insurance through your
broker or agent.

If your broker or agent is unavailable or it’s after hours, you can always call
Echelon's 24-hour Emergency Claims Reporting Service:

Ontario, Alberta, and Atlantic: 1 (866) 252-2854

Quebec: 1 (888) 662-0222

British Columbia: 1 (888) 547-9229


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Headquartered in
Toronto, Ontario

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