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building a house in ontario
Jul 29, 2022
3 min
Eight Steps to Building a House in Ontario

Finding the perfect home in Ontario can be quite challenging for the average buyer, but it's particularly difficult if you're on a tight budget.

Thankfully, if you have DIY or construction skills, you can consider building a house in Ontario! 

Building a new home yourself is a fantastic way to get the property of your dreams without spending a fortune. Even with the rising cost of materials, building your own living space is an excellent option for homeowners that are on a budget.


Building your own home isn't an easy task; that's why we've put this guide together! Continue reading if you want to learn how to build a house in Ontario.

Eight steps to building a home in Ontario like a pro

At times, building a house in Ontario can feel like an overwhelming task. But, if you take the time to put together a game plan, the home-building process becomes significantly easier.

Here are the eight steps to building a home in Ontario that DIY-enthusiasts should consider:

Step #1 — Set a reasonable budget

Setting a budget is the first and one of the most important things that you need to do if you're planning on building a home in Ontario.

If you don't give yourself enough money to spend on your new home, you might not get the results that you're looking for. In contrast, if you set too large of a budget, then you may end up putting unnecessary financial pressure on yourself in the future.

While setting a budget, don't forget to include home insurance as a related cost of building a home in Ontario.

Step #2 — Choose the right location

Choosing the right location for a new home is usually easier said than done.

First, you need to pick a general part of Ontario. Property prices tend to be lower in northern Ontario, while southern Ontario has more towns and large cities, giving you more places to explore.

After picking a general region, you'll need to pinpoint which town or city you'd like to build your home in. After selecting a town or city, you'll need to search for/purchase a vacant lot or dilapidated home that can be torn down.

Step #3 — Hire an architect

Unless you have professional architectural experience, we suggest working with an architect while building a house in Ontario.

Professional architects can offer their invaluable experience, opinions and even help you figure out specific requirements throughout the building process.

While working with an architect, make sure that you let them know precisely how you want the living space to look. If you want an open design, let them know! Not a fan of multi-storey homes? Let the architect know that you prefer bungalows! Having an open line of communication with your architect is key to obtaining the home of your dreams.

Step #4 — Start working on the foundation and framing

If you're building a custom home in Ontario, the next thing that you need to work on is the foundation.

The foundation is an essential part of any living space, as it maintains the integrity of the structure.

To start the foundation, you'll need to excavate the part of the plot that you wish to build on. You'll then need to pour the foundation and wait for it to settle — this generally takes a week or so.

Once the foundation has settled, you can work on the house's framing. After completing the framing, you can move on to the next step.

Step #5 — Enclose the living space

While building a custom home in Ontario, you need to remember to take care of the enclosing process. The enclosing process requires you to protect the house with a layer of "house wrapping". House wrapping helps prevent moisture from building up in the home.

After this has been taken care of, you can begin to work on the roofing and install window and door frames.

Step #6 — Install the insulation and drywall

If you know how to build a home in Ontario, then you know that installing insulation is an extremely important step. 

Insulation is a sponge-like material that is installed underneath the drywall. The insulation padding helps prevent hot or cold air from entering your home, which helps maintain a comfortable temperature in the living space.

Once the drywall has been installed, it's time to put up the drywall on the walls and ceiling of the living space. At this point, your custom home should start to look similar to the finished product.

Step #7 — Exterior finishes

The exterior finishes you opt for can heavily affect the cost of building a new home in Ontario. As a rule of thumb, non-renewable, natural materials, like stone, are more expensive than man-made materials, like vinyl.

At this point, you can also start to work on any porches, decks, etc., that you wish to install. Be sure to keep these expenses in mind while building a house in Ontario.

Step #8 — Move in and decorate

This is where the fun begins! Now that your home is complete, you can move in and begin the decorating process! 

If possible, you can save money on decorations by using pieces from your old living space. If you need to buy new furniture, appliances, etc., make sure that they flow with the style of your new space.

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