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Pafco Insurance Company

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Pafco Insurance

Surex represents over 10 of Canada’s top insurance companies, the Pafco Insurance Company is one of them. When you start a Pafco car insurance quote with us you will be able to review all the matched carriers at once and you then can select the price and coverage that best suits you.

Pafco Insurance

Everyone deserves access to high-quality car insurance in Canada. However, if you're a high-risk driver, then you know that it can be difficult to find cover options in the standard insurance marketplace. This is where Pafco comes in!

Pafco is a Canadian insurance provider that's built a strong foundation by offering a variety of specialized coverage options and insurance products for policyholders, including non-standard auto insurance.

If you can't qualify for coverage with a traditional insurance company, because of your poor driving history, prior convictions or a lapse in previous coverage, Pafco can help you get affordable insurance rates for your vehicle.

carsContact your Surex insurance advisor to get a Pafco car insurance quote today!

What separates the Pafco Insurance Company from other auto insurance companies in Canada?

Here are a few of the reasons why Pafco is among the top-rated insurance providers in Canada:

Pafco offers competitive rates on non-standard auto insurance

Auto insurance can be undeniably expensive, but high-risk drivers know that non-standard insurance coverage can be even more expensive.

Thankfully, Pafco specializes in non-standard coverage for high-risk motorists, allowing them to offer competitive pricing on their insurance products. Speak with your insurance broker to learn how they can help you find a specialized insurance product from Pafco, regardless of your claims history or prior convictions.

Save money thanks to Pafco's car insurance discounts and competitive pricing

Everyone should have access to discounts. That's why Pafco offers competitive prices and discounts for drivers in Ontario and across Canada. For instance, if you insure multiple vehicles, you can potentially qualify for competitive discounts. Speak with your insurance broker to learn how you can use Pafco car insurance discounts to get the best rate.

Exceptional customer service

When it comes to customer service, Pafco is known for providing fast response times and a hands-on, personal level of support to customers. There's no denying that Pafco's commitment to customer service is an enormous benefit to policyholders.

24/7 car insurance claim support

Whether it's noon or midnight, you can contact Pafco's auto insurance claims team. Clients who need to submit claims can start by contacting Pafco's team of independent brokers. These brokers can help you get started on the submission process.

roadside assistanceRoadside assistance (Quebec only)

Pafco isn't your usual insurance provider; unlike most auto insurance providers, Pafco offers high-quality, reliable roadside assistance services for private passenger vehicle drivers in Quebec.

Drivers in Quebec can benefit from Pafco's roadside assistance team (a maximum of three times per insurance period) if they need to make use of the following services:

  • Towing
  • Tire changes
  • Jump starts
  • Winching services
  • Gas delivery
  • Key issues (lost or broken keys)

Property and home insurance coverages (Quebec only)

Although Pafco is primarily known for providing auto insurance to high-risk drivers, it also offers a handful of property and home insurance coverages as well. Speak with your insurance advisor to learn more about Pafco's home insurance options.

About Pafco Insurance

Here's some useful information about Pafco:

Headquarters: Markham, Ontario


Mandatory types of auto insurance that Pafco Insurance offers

If you're looking for an insurer that specializes in non-standard coverage, Pafco is a fantastic company to have by your side. Pafco offers a wide range of non-standard coverage options at competitive rates, including mandatory coverages like:

  • Liability coverage
  • Accident benefits
  • Direct compensation for property damage

car on road

Additional types of coverage that Pafco offers

The next time you're comparing insurance quotes with your broker, be sure to ask them about the additional products that Pafco has to offer:

  • Collision coverage
  • Specific perils
  • All perils
  • Comprehensive
  • Damage to a non-owned vehicle
  • Loss of use
  • Waiver of depreciation

How to submit insurance claims with Pafco Insurance

You can contact Pafco's claims staff by calling the following numbers:


You can submit a Pafco insurance claim in Ontario by calling 1-877-216-6973.

Atlantic Canada

You can submit a Pafco insurance claim in Atlantic Canada by calling 1-866-500-5074.


You can submit a Pafco insurance claim in Quebec by calling 1-800-361-2886.

Want to learn more about Pafco Insurance?

If you'd like to learn more about how the Pafco Insurance Company helps customers, or any of our reputable partners, don't hesitate to contact one of our Surex advisors (our preferred term for broker). Our experienced advisors are always ready to address your questions, comments and concerns about insurance protection.

At Surex, we understand how important variety is — that's why we work with over ten of the top providers in the nation. Comparing insurance quotes from a wide range of insurers makes it easier for Canadians like yourself to find the perfect protection for you and your family.

Call or visit our website to receive a collection of quality quotes from our insurance brokers in ten minutes or less! While chatting with your advisor, be sure to ask about the savings potential and various benefits of bundling your policies with one of our insurance providers, like Pafco Insurance!

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