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Mar 25, 2024
3 min

Spring Cleaning: Your Car Needs It Too

As spring approaches, your vehicle is going to need some TLC to recover from a snow-ridden, cold winter. Washing away the salt and clearing the clutter can help keep your car looking new and fresh. It’s also a good time to have it maintained for the summer months ahead. 

Spring cleaning is mostly associated with chores around the home, but don’t forget these tips to get your car ready for summer.

Deep Clean Exterior & Interior of Vehicle

With heavy snowfall across Canada this winter, the accumulation of road salts and sand underneath your vehicle can threaten the integrity of it. Deep cleaning of your car’s undercarriage, as well as in the wheel wells and body, can help fight off rust, paint decay, and other unsightly damages resulting from a good ol’ Canadian winter.

You’ll want to use a sponge or soft microfibre cloth when washing your car and use warm water with soap. Washing by hand is more effective at removing dirt than going to an automatic car wash. You’ll also want to clean and inspect your tires for damage and wear and tear. You may need to replace them for next winter.

Interior Maintenance

For the interior, you’ll want to vacuum, brush, and wipe every surface - and don’t forget the glove compartment! A general cleaning and decluttering of your car will go a long way. Removing the winter items in your car (snowbrush, ice scraper, etc...) to make way for summer items will help keep you organized.

It’s a good idea to take out those floor mats -- a surface clean is not going to cut it! You’ll want to clean both sides of your floor mats. Removing the floor mats also means you can shampoo the carpets inside of your car. 

For the hard-to-reach- areas like vents, you may have to use compressed air to get rid of any dust.

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Swap Out Tires

Winter tires are built for snow and freezing temperatures. They are made with a specialized rubber compound that can grip better in snow and react favourably to freezing temperatures.

All-season and summer tires are built with a less-forgiving rubber compound, meaning they wear less than their softer, winter counterparts. In warmer conditions, these are optimal.

Get a Spring Tune-up

Winter conditions can be just as hard on the roads as your vehicle. 

Potholes and uneven roads are a side effect of a harsh, snow-filled winter. Potholes, especially, can impact your tire alignment.
A build-up of sand and gravel can prevent your brakes from performing optimally. Not only can this build-up cause them to be touchy and squeaky, but it can also contribute to corrosion of the brake pads.

Windshield wiper blades are asked to put in long shifts during the winter. Replacing your wiper blades ensures the rubber on the blades isn’t damaged, which will cut back on streaking and ensure your vision is clear. 

Getting a spring tune-up is essential to ensure your wheel alignment, brakes, and wipers are ready for summer. If you’re getting your winter tires switched out, may as well book a tune-up at the same time. Your mechanic can also check all the fluids and do an oil change as well.

Doing a spring maintenance clean-up on your car keeps it in prime condition for driving and prepares it for the warmer weather ahead. Drive into summer with a clean and well-maintained car!

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