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Distracted Driving Claims Steadily Increasing in Canada

Based on its claims data between 2016 and 2018, Aviva Canada stated distracted driving claims have increased in Canada by 23% in the past two years.

Increases in penalties and fines haven’t been a strong enough deterrent to convince Canadians to put down their phone when they drive.

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‘’Despite increased penalties and awareness on this issue, too many Canadians are still driving distracted behind the wheel,’’ Phil Gibson, Chief Underwriting Officer for Aviva Canada, said. ‘’The majority of these accidents are preventable – such as hitting stationary objects, rear-ending other vehicles and inattentive lane changes.’’

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A breakdown of the statistics that contributed to the 23% increase in distracted driving claims over the past two years include:

  • Alberta, at 58%, saw the highest percentage increase in distracted driving claims
  • Quebec saw an increase of 34%
  • Ontario saw an increase of 12%
  • Atlantic Canada saw an increase of 8%

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‘’These stats from Aviva are alarming,’’ Matthew Alston, COO of Surex, said. ‘’Canadians are continuing to put their lives – and the lives of others – in danger, willingly. We must all do our part and make a conscious effort to not drive while distracted.’’

As a way to promote safe driving, Aviva has launched an ‘’Undistracted Driving’’ campaign, focusing on the benefits of safe driving. It’s a unique approach to try and spread a positive message, while not nagging drivers regarding bad behaviour.

Also, feel free to check out our guides on secondary driver rules and occasional driver insurance. That way, if you driving with a friend or family and you know you will need to use the phone soon, you can know if you can let them take the wheel instead. 

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