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Lethbridge, AB

John Gruninger

Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.

" Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men. ... "


Phone: 587-316-1946

Hi, I'm John!

I love living in Lethbridge, there's a lot of the conveniences of living in a city like this, but it is still small enough that it doesn't feel like we live in a big city. I am a volunteer firefighter and we have a baby girl that loves to snuggle.

I can conduct business in the following language(s):

  • English

I can conduct business in the following province(s): 

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
Texas Road House
Favourite Restaurant/Type of Food
Calgary Flames
Favourite Sports Team
Cranberry Juice
Favourite Beverage
Here’s what people have to say about John:
Our broker John Gruninger was soo helpful, he gave us a quick quote at a great low price, and always tried to give us the best price anyway he could. Signing policy was simple and all done online. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for home
Kurt - , ON
We had a great experience with John! He answered all of our questions thoroughly and simply so we were well informed and confident with our choices. We will definitely deal with him again!
Holly D. - , AB
Great insurance experience! Highly recommend John Gruninger at Surex if you're looking around.
Kevin D. - , AB
John at Surex is very knowledgeable and helpful in giving us advice on insurance. Very easy to work with and confident in what he is doing. We can always rely on him for our questions and any help we need!
Julie L. - , AB
Quick, easy and efficient service. Great way to find your cheapest quote first. John was to the point and didn't waste any of time. He was to the point for what I wanted and didn't try to sell any upgrades.
Taylor H. - , AB
John Gruninger was the Surex agent who handled my insurance needs, which were done completely via email. John was friendly and professional and he streamlined the process, answering my questions promptly and efficiently. A good guy to work with and a
David Grudniski - , AB