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Lethbridge, AB

Ian White

Be the hardest worker in the room

" Be the hardest worker in the room ... "

— Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)

Phone: 403-278-8242

Hi, I'm Ian! 

I am someone who always loves a good laugh. A smile on someone's face can truly brighten my day. I am an avid gym-goer, and I love my time in the mountains as well. I enjoy a low-key weekend to watch a good movie. I am passionate about technology so you will usually see me with the newest and brightest new toy - if I can get it. Food is also a strong passion of mine, and I love a nice home-cooked meal, nothing can beat it... even that super awesome pizza for take-out! 

I can conduct business in the following language(s):


My own kitchen!
Favourite Restaurant
A Flat white from Starbucks made with almond milk - YUM!
Favourite Coffee/Tea/Hot Beverage
Henderson Park
Best Park I've been to