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Future-Proofing Your Insurance Brokerage? Don’t Start with Digitalization

Submitted by Makenzie on Mon, 10/29/2018 - 15:56

Since we launched Surex in 2012, a rural Alberta brokerage whose book has grown from $600K to $62M in just six years, digital technology has always been at the centre of our story.

The ability to compare and customize multiple quotes in minutes, use e-signatures for client transactions, and get instant proof of insurance, all enabled by our Brix BMS software – these are the kinds of digital innovations that have driven our growth to date.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Brokers Close Sales

Submitted by Makenzie on Thu, 09/20/2018 - 15:40

Artificial intelligence could help a brokerage figure out how likely a prospective client is to actually buy insurance.

At least that’s what officials with Surex are hoping.

Magrath, Alta. - based Surex places home, auto and commercial lines and says it can deliver 10 quotes online in 10 minutes or less.

If a person gives Surex information to generate a home or auto quote, the brokerage defines that person as a lead, said Matt Alston, co-founder and chief operating officer of Surex.