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Compare and purchase the best
condo insurance rates in Ontario.
Compare and purchase the best
condo insurance
rates in Ontario.
Get free & accurate quotes from Canada’s top condo insurance providers.
In just a few minutes, our quoter can unlock discounts that can have
you saving hundreds of dollars a year on average.
Get free & accurate quotes from Canada’s top condo insurance providers. In just a few minutes, our quoter can unlock discounts that can have you saving hundreds of dollars a year on average.
Type of Coverage We Provide
Liability Coverage
Provides protection against a lawsuit resulting from damaged property or personal injuries.
A predetermined amount of money that you must pay towards the cost of the claim. Home insurance has different deductibles for different coverage.
Claims Forgiveness
This allows for the protection of your “claims free discount” in the event of your first claim.
Scheduled Items
Referring to 'special limits' on items like jewellery or art if the value is greater than the special limit you should list the item separately.
Comprehensive Insurance Coverage
When you purchase comprehensive home coverage, it means you are covered for anything that is not excluded.
Replacement Cost
Actual cash value policies are based on the items' depreciated value while replacement cost coverage does not account for depreciation
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Comparing rates from Canada's leading Insurance Providers
Save on Condo Insurance in Ontario When You Team Up With Surex

Finding a living space in Ontario is never an easy task. However, it's even more challenging if you want to find a place of your own in a major city in Ontario. Many Ontarians dream of owning a home; however, it can take years to save up for a significant down payment. Additionally, houses in large cities tend to be quite expensive and are generally smaller than those found in less populated areas.

These are just some reasons why more and more Ontarians are opting for condo units. Condos are a cost-effective way to purchase a space without saving up as much for a down payment. Buying a condo also allows you to invest in a versatile living space in the heart of a major city. That being said, if you're currently thinking about buying a condo, you should take a moment to learn the ins and outs of condo insurance Ontario. If you're currently searching for a condo insurance quote in Ontario, be sure to reach out to a Surex insurance advisor. Our team of advisors can help you find the best condo insurance in Ontario by helping you compare insurance quotes from the top rated condo insurance companies in the province.

Condo Insurance in Ontario — What You Need to Know

Regardless of the condo association coverage you have, you will need condo insurance to cover the personal contents in your unit. This can relate to property such as furniture, home entertainment systems, and clothing.

Condo insurance protects you from liability. In the event that someone gets injured while at your place, your liability coverage will help you with settlement costs. Be sure to choose a liability limit capable of protecting all your assets. This will help ensure your online quote's accuracy.

Again, depending on your condo association's policy, you can be covered for any upgrades and improvements you've made to your unit.

You can also get a quote to further secure your condo unit, in case your association's coverage doesn't protect you fully against loss or damage.

Yes, of course! 

Most companies allow you to pay a number of different ways, however, this can be dependant on your payment/credit history.

Yes, while condo insurance isn’t mandatory, if you have a mortgage your lender will require it.

Now, a few tips -  your condo association will have a master insurance policy, but it may only cover the basics. Some associations will buy a more a policy that also includes more basic items within each unit, such as appliances, carpets, cabinets, or interior walls.

Always best to find out the scoop, and then chat with your Surex Advisor to figure out what's right for you! 

If you own a condo unit in Ontario and are planning on renting it out, you should chat with your Surex insurance advisor about purchasing a landlord insurance policy.

Landlord insurance differs from condo insurance as it protects the property owner from various unique landlord-related risks, like lost rental income.

Rental income coverage:  This coverage ensures that if there is a loss related reason that their tenants cannot stay living in the condo, like fire or water damage, then Rental Income coverage will pay the condo-owner their rent money until the tenant can move back in.

Damages coverage: If your tenant causes damages to your condo, the policy will extend to cover the cost of the repairs. For example, if the tenant drops a towel on a hot stove and it catches fire doing damage to the kitchen, for insurance to respond the condo-owner would need to make sure that they had a Landlord Condo insurance policy. If the condo wasn't insured properly on the Landlord form, the insurance policy would not respond and the condo owner would be required to pay for the damages themselves.

Liability Coverage: If your tenant causes damages to the building itself -exterior or interior common spaces - the condo corporation will come back against the owner of the condo to pay for the damages. The condo-owners policy will only respond if it is insured on a Landlord form.

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