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Surex represents over 10 of Canada's top insurance companies, Jevco Insurance is one of them. When you start a quote with us you will be able to review all the matched providers at once and you then can select the price and coverage that best suits you.

Jevco Insurance Canada

You likely know that you need valid automobile insurance to operate a vehicle in Ontario. However, if you have a spotty insurance history, you may need to invest in non-standard auto insurance (also referred to as high-risk auto insurance.

Non-standard auto insurance can be difficult to find due to the fact that it requires niche underwriting experience. If you're looking for non-standard auto insurance in Ontario, you can rely on Jevco Insurance. Jevco Insurance has been providing high-risk drivers with non-standard automobile insurance solutions for over 30 years.

Contact your Surex insurance broker today if you'd like to compare Jevco insurance quotes.

What separates Jevco Insurance from other insurance companies in Canada?

Here are a few of the reasons why the Jevco Insurance Company is a great option for high-risk drivers in Canada:

insuranceSubsidiary of the Intact Financial Corporation

In 2012 Jevco became a subsidiary of the Intact Financial Corporation (Canada's largest providers of auto insurance, home insurance and business insurance). Teaming up with the Intact Financial Corporation allowed Jevco to specialize in non-standard personal insurance.

*Insurance coverage options offered prior to 2012, like motorcycle, commercial auto, commercial property, business insurance, and surety, are now available through the Intact Insurance Company. Speak with your Surex insurance broker to learn more.*

Ontario's non-standard personal auto insurance coverage experts

Non-standard insurance is a niche product that can be difficult to find, especially if you have a spotty insurance history or have missed premium payments in the past. 

Instead of struggling to find coverage, Jevco customers can take advantage of the experience and priority service that Jevco offers. Instead of delegating your problems to another provider, Jevco's team will remain focused and help you find the right insurance solutions.

Values customer satisfaction

Jevco's number one goal is to provide drivers with non-standard insurance needs with great service and a variety of insurance coverage options for private passenger vehicles. Jevco is dedicated to providing its customers with priority service throughout the entire process.

Jevco offers a variety of payment options

After getting the best rate on non-standard insurance in Ontario, you need to figure out a payment plan. If you don't want to spend too much money at once, you can opt for a monthly payment plan. Doing this allows you to separate your premium into 12 individual payments.

 If you can afford to pay for your coverage in one fell swoop, you can opt for an annual payment plan. Doing this is a win-win for both you and your insurer; you win by getting access to savings, and your insurer wins by getting your entire premium at once.

Offers car insurance policies on a six and 12-month basis

Drivers that opt for Jevco insurance products can choose a six or 12-month policy. Having different options allows drivers in Ontario to find insurance that works for them.

carsAbout the Jevco Insurance Company

Here are some interesting facts about Jevco Insurance:

 Company headquarters: Mississauga, Ontario

Company site: 

Parent company: The Intact Financial Corporation

Established: Jevco has been providing insurance solutions to drivers for over 30 years

Types of coverages that Jevco Insurance offers in Ontario: Non-standard auto insurance

How to submit a claim with the Jevco Insurance Company

Jevco makes it easy for drivers to submit a car insurance claim. If you need to submit a Jevco car insurance claim, you can speak to a representative via phone by calling 1 866 864 1112 or e-mail by contacting

Not to mention, when you team up with Jevco, you get access to the Jevco Rely Network and the Intact Service Centre program.

claim formJevco Rely Network

The Jevco Rely Network gives drivers access to a variety of high-quality auto body shops in Ontario. The Jevco Rely Network allows you to benefit from:

  • Priority service and immediate repairs for your vehicle
  • Guaranteed to repair your car (for as long as you own the car and it's insured by Jevco)
  • No wait times for inspection

The Jevco Rely Network also gives you a chance to work with Jevco's glass team. Jevco's glass team can help you:

  • Set up a repair agreement with a local glass replacement service
  • Suggest a repair amount
  • Confirm your coverage

Intact Service Centre

When you team up with Jevco, you get access to the Intact Service Centre program. This program allows you to drop your car off at a nearby service centre for quick, professional repairs. If you get into an accident and need to repair your car, your local Intact Service Centre can lend a helping hand.

Want to learn more about the Jevco Insurance Company?

If you'd like to learn more about how the Jevco Insurance organization helps customers or any of our reputable insurers, don't hesitate to contact your Surex advisor (our preferred term for insurance brokers). Our experienced advisors are always ready to address your questions, comments and concerns about insurance protection.

At Surex, we understand how important variety is — that's why we work with over ten of the top providers in the nation. Comparing quotes from a wide range of insurers makes it easier for Canadians like yourself to find the perfect protection for you and your family.

Call or visit our website to receive a collection of quality quotes from our insurance brokers in ten minutes or less! While chatting with your insurance broker, be sure to ask about the various benefits of bundling your policies with one of our providers, like Jevco Insurance!

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