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CAA Insurance

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CAA Insurance

Surex represents over 10 of Canada’s top insurance companies, CAA Insurance is one of them. When you start a quote with us you will be able to review all the matched carriers at once and you then can select the price and coverage that best suits you.

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Many people know CAA (short for the Canadian Auto Association) as a roadside assistance company that helps drivers in Canada. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg for CAA.

Even though CAA insurance has a long history as a roadside assistance service, they've grown into one of the most reputable auto and home insurance providers in the Canadian insurance industry. The CAA insurance company currently protects over 200,000 families in Canada, making them one of the larger auto and home insurance companies in the country.

Whether you're looking for comprehensive coverage for your car, or personal insurance for your property, CAA Insurance has you covered.

What separates CAA Insurance from other home and car insurance companies in Canada?

Here are some of the things that sets CAA insurance apart from other car insurance providers in Canada.

Variety of coverage options for policyholders

CAA insurance started as a roadside assistance company over 100 years ago. Nowadays, they also provide a wide range of home and auto insurance products for policyholders.

Whether you're looking for the best home insurance or antique car insurance, CAA offers the coverage that you and your family need. Not only does the team at CAA offer an extensive selection of products for policyholders, they also work hard to ensure that the due parties get a fair payout after the event.

insuranceCAA offers generous discounts

CAA car insurance offers a wide selection of discounts for drivers in Canada.

Depending on your location, you may be able to take advantage of the following property and auto insurance discounts:

  • 5% to 10% by bundling home and auto insurance policies
  • 10% to 17.5% for insuring multiple vehicles
  • 5% to 10% for using CAA Connect
  • As much as 20% in additional savings for CAA members

So if you want to save money on coverage, you should speak with your Surex insurance advisor about further discounts offered by CAA.

CAA car insurance plans

CAA values their customers; in order to show their policyholders how much they care, they offer a variety of unique insurance plans that can help you save money and protect your personal items.

Most insurance experts recommend CAA car insurance plans like:

Forgive and Forget Plan

Helps drivers protect their car insurance premium after the first at-fault accident in added to their good driving record.

CAA Insurance

CAA Tire Coverage

Policyholders can take advantage of tire coverage when they bundle their auto and home insurance with CAA.

CAA Connect

CAA Connect incentives drivers to work on their driving habits by offering a 5% for enrolling and as much as 15% after 12 months.

Safe Driver Discount

Motorists that are able to maintain a clean driving record and insurance claims history can take advantage of additional savings.

CAA MyPace

CAA MyPace is a new insurance plan offered by CAA car insurance. The CAA MyPace plan is intended for low-mileage drivers that rarely use their vehicles for prolonged periods of time. Using the CAA MyPace plan allows drivers to take control of their car insurance expenses, and save a significant amount of money along the way. You can learn more about this new CAA car insurance plan by chatting with your Surex insurance advisor.

Discount for Winter Tires

Drivers can save up to 5% on CAA car insurance by using winter tires throughout the set period (this period varies from province to province). Installing snow tires is a cost-effective way that drivers can save on car insurance.

Speak with your Surex advisor to learn more about the other forms of coverage and CAA auto insurance plans that are available.

winter tiresDigital proof of car insurance for drivers

If you're tired of misplacing your pink slip, you may want to take advantage of CAA's digital proof of car insurance. When you team up with CAA car insurance, you can download a digital copy of your proof of insurance onto your smartphone. The next time you need to provide your proof of insurance, all you need to pull up your digital pink slip.

Reliable roadside assistance for drivers

Even though CAA offers a variety of insurance products for drivers in Canada, they still care about their roots as a roadside assistance service. To improve their road safety services, CAA South Central Ontario and CAA Manitoba joined together to form the CAA Club Group. The CAA Club Group provides travel services to over two millions drivers in Central and Southern Ontario, Manitoba and more.

Policyholders can join CAA to get roadside assistance throughout all of Canada as well as USA and Canada! The same policy can be applied in 32 countries. The service provided is determined by membership status and membership level.

roadside assistance

Legal expense insurance

If you bundle your auto insurance and home insurance policies with CAA, you don't just benefit from saved money; you get access to complimentary legal expense insurance. Legal expense insurance provides policyholders with guaranteed coverage for reasonable legal expenses.

You don't need a CAA membership to buy CAA insurance

If you don't want a CAA membership, that's ok. You can still team up with CAA even if you aren't a CAA member. All non-CAA members need to do to get CAA insurance quotes is reach out to their insurance broker.

Getting a quote online is easier than you think

Instead of dealing with phone calls and lengthy wait times, you can get online insurance quotes from CAA in a matter of minutes when you team up with Surex. Whether you're looking for a new auto policy, home insurance policy or any other product CAA provides, our team at Surex is here to help you find the best insurance quotes available.

About the CAA Insurance Company

Here are some interesting facts about CAA:

CAA Headquarters: Thornhill, Ontario

Services: Home insurance, auto insurance


Number of Customers: Over 200,000

Number of Employees: 1,800 employees as of 2016

Subsidiaries: Echelon Insurance and Orion Travel Insurance

Types of coverages that CAA Insurance offers in Canada

CAA offers a wide variety of coverages for policyholders in Canada. These products include:





Seasonal property

Legal expense

Optional types of coverage you may consider buying with CAA Insurance

CAA Insurance provides both standard and optional forms of auto insurance for drivers throughout Canada. Standard policies include coverage products like third-party liability coverage, accident benefits and protection from uninsured drivers.

Policyholders may also want to purchase optional forms of car insurance for greater security. One of the most common forms of optional auto insurance coverage is comprehensive coverage.

Comprehensive auto insurance coverage helps financially protect drivers from a wide array of non-collision-related risks. For instance, if someone steals or vandalizes your car, your comprehensive car insurance can cover all or a portion of the related expenses.

You also have the option of increasing your deductible. This coverage helps the insurance provider get compensation for any accident caused by the car.

Speak with your Surex insurance advisor to learn more about the options forms for car and home insurance that CAA has to offer.insuranceHow to submit an insurance claim with CAA

If you need to submit a home or car insurance claim with CAA, you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn that the process is simple and straightforward.

How to submit a home or auto insurance claim with CAA

Policyholders can submit a home or car insurance claim directly through CAA by calling one of the following phone numbers:

  • CAA Claims Team — 1-855-474-5843
  • Toll Free — 1-800-387-2656
  • Manitoba — 1-855-744-6208
  • British Columbia — 1-888-592-1111

Policyholders can submit a CAA car insurance or home insurance claim via fax by using the following number: 905-711-3006. Or by email: 

Lastly, policyholders can begin the CAA car insurance or home insurance claim process online by visiting However, if there is an emergency, CAA highly recommends contacting one of the phone numbers listed above. Calling one of the above-mentioned phone numbers will provide you with quicker results and service.

How to submit a claim with a CAA insurance broker

If you'd prefer to submit your claim through your insurance broker, you can contact them over the phone or online whenever you need.

Want to learn more about CAA home and auto insurance?

If you'd like to learn more about how the Canadian Automobile Association company helps customers, or any of our reputable partners, don't hesitate to contact your Surex advisor (our preferred term for broker). Our experienced advisors are always ready to address your questions, comments and concerns about your protection or the online application process.

At Surex, we understand how important variety is — that's why we work with over ten of the top providers in the nation. Comparing home or car insurance quotes from a wide range of insurers makes it easier for Canadians like yourself to find the perfect protection for you and your family.

Call or visit our website to receive a collection of quality home or car insurance quotes from our Surex advisors in ten minutes or less! While chatting with your broker, be sure to ask about the various benefits of bundling your policies with one of our partners, like CAA Insurance!

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