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Spring Break
Feb 14, 2024
3 min
Spring Break Getaway? Insurance Tips to Know Before You Leave

The arrival of Spring means the snow is (hopefully) gone and the ground is thawing, making way for a seasonal melt. It also means Spring Break for families and kids, when they get to enjoy some time away from school and work. It is also a popular time to get away to try and grab some sunshine or a much-needed break from the winter.

Spring break travel is popular amongst families and while this is an exciting time, you should consider ways of keeping your home and car safe while away so no one has to file an insurance claim once they get back. Keep the insurance claims at bay with these helpful tips:

Home Sweet Home

You may be gone for a long weekend or a full week. However long you are away, it is always important to make sure your home is properly secured and protected until you return. 

Here are a few things you can do to protect your home while you are away:

  • Inform family/friends or neighbours to check on your home and car
  • Unplug unused electronics and prep smart gadgets
  • Set timers on lights outside of your house so it is not completely dark
  • Make sure all windows/doors are locked and the home security system is on
  • Put cash and valuables in a safe/safety deposit box
  • Make it look like someone is home, put a lamp or radio on a timer
  • Tidy up/take out the trash, give away or toss food that may spoil
  • Put away/secure things in your backyard into the garage or shed
  • Close the blinds and drapes
  • Adjust the temperature in your home
  • Don’t announce your vacation on social media
  • Have a friend or family member collect any deliveries or cancel your mail service or auto-ship subscriptions

Going on vacation is also an excellent time to update and record your household goods such as appliances, jewelry, and other valued items. Taking photos or videos of your home's contents before you leave is a simple way to keep track of your possessions in case you need to make an insurance claim.

Get Road Trip Ready

If your Spring break travel means a road trip, then making sure your car is ready for the drive is important. Take it in to see a mechanic for a spring maintenance check-up; change the fluids and if necessary maybe swap out winter tires. This will ensure you and your family are safe on the road. 

Here are a few other things to keep in mind before you hit the road:

  • Check the weather to prepare accordingly
  • Plan your route ahead of time
  • Prepare for traffic; plan alternate routes
  • Pack snacks and drinks
  • Have an emergency kit in the car
  • Avoid distracted/tired driving, take turns driving with other drivers
  • Plan any overnight stops so you are not searching for availability late at night

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Leaving Cars Behind?

If you’re one of the lucky ones heading out of the country on a plane, thinking about leaving your car in a safe spot is key.  

Here are a few tips:

  • Leave your vehicle in a garage or off-site secure parking area
  • Ensure fluids are topped up so nothing will freeze
  • If you are leaving your car in your driveway make sure all the valuables are removed from the vehicle and let a neighbour know you are travelling so they can keep an eye on your car
  • Most of us keep insurance documents in our car along with ownership etc. Remove these items from your car
  • Take a photo of your car insurance details, as well as ownership and VIN number

Seasonal Snowbirds

People traveling for long periods have to properly secure their homes to help ensure nothing happens while they are away. Things like turning off the water and adjusting the temperature are crucial for long absences. Along with the other tips mentioned above, you may also want to pause your mail and utility services like cable and internet.

It is very important to let your insurance advisor know of any long trips you may be taking to ensure your home insurance coverage is not impacted by your absence.

Many home insurance companies in Canada require a few things from homeowners when a home is going to be unoccupied for a length of time. They expect the water to be turned off and the pipes drained, a few lights on timers to make the home look lived in, heating left on in winter months, and someone to act as a property manager and enter the home every few days. If this is not completed and a loss occurs, the claim may be denied.

You may want to leave your car with family or friends, especially if you have to park on the street. They can also take it out once in a while so it is not sitting unused for long periods, which is not good for your car.

For out-of-country traveling also think about getting travel insurance, it’s good to have added protection should you need it while out of the country. 

After reviewing all these tips, you should be able to go and have a relaxing vacation. As long as you take all the necessary precautions, there is no reason why you should have to spend time worrying about the safety of your family or home during spring break.


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